14 observations from Nationals ’21-’22

I initially posted these thoughts on Twitter but here is a more in-depth look at my reflections, thoughts and observations (some very obvious) from the recent Athletics Australia Nationals held at Olympic Park, Sydney.

1: Speed reserve (and field event equivalent) is the ultimate weapon to progress to finals and be a major player.

2: A significant amount of high level athletes have coaches who have been Oly or WC representatives.

3: Mistakes are costly… you might be able to get out of trouble at the state level but make a mistake at this level and you’re done.

4: You can’t hedge your bets; Nationals must be the priority of the season which everything else is based around.

5: It was so encouraging to see the support fellow coaches gave each other and were genuinely happy to see others hard work pay off; whether just getting to the start line or winning a medal.

6: It was interesting to see competitors become friends when working towards the same goal and state based athletes looking out for each other.

7: As one seasoned coach mentioned to me; at this point of year, you are better off understanding sport psychology rather than sport science… that won’t help you now!

8: It was great to hear athletes talking about their support team and training partners who have helped along the way… not everyone will make it to the podium.

9: Aust athletics has SO much experience and wisdom which needs to be available to the up and coming coaches… Esteemed coaches like @MikeHurst_aths are leading the way here.

10: As the old saying goes, if you haven’t done the work, don’t expect the results… no miracles here.

11: Nationals is often the culmination of ~300 days or so of training in the past year… giving lots to reflect on both positive and constructive and planning for the future.

12: Track and field is a bloody hard and unrewarding sport for much of the time but when things go well, there’s nothing like seeing plans come to fruition.

13: I think that’s about it for now. My athletes did ‘ok’ at their 1st and 3rd open championships but it really showed me how good you need to be from both a coach and athlete perspective if you want to do well here… all the best!

14: Lastly, Aidan Murphy and Caleb Law are no joke… sky is the limit for these two 18yos… Could also potentially be the future backbone of the AUS 4×4 team going fwd.

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