A Review of High-Performance Training for Sports, 2nd Edition

I was fortunate to be asked to contribute a book review for SimpliFaster of the latest edition of High Performance Training for Sports, edited by Daniel Joyce and Dan Lewindon. I did my best to provide a general overview of this strength and conditioning masterpiece, plus focussed in on 5 key chapters which resonated with me from a coaching, teaching and research point of view.

If you’ve ever dreamed of combining the world’s finest thought leaders in the field of sports performance into one book, then the second edition of High-Performance Training for Sports is the book for you!

This new edition of High-Performance Training for Sports has arguably become the most-sought-after text in the field of athletic performance. Editors David Joyce and Daniel Lewindon have once again put together an “authoritative guide for ultimate athletic conditioning,” with chapters written by leading experts in the field. These contributors present the most up-to-date material on physiology, sports rehabilitation, biomechanics, coaching dynamics, and strength and conditioning in a single resource.

You can read the remaining part of the review here

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