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Since I began my PhD part-time in 2018 I had been working 0.8 FTE at St Michael’s College (HPE) and Flinders University (sessional tutor ES), then in 2020 gone back to full time work at a new school, Cardijn College, therefore juggling work and study commitments simultaneously; which has been tremendously hard. When you throw in 3 kids under 5yo, my supportive wife (Amy), and some coaching (Adelaide Athletic Development), it was becoming even harder to fulfil all of my commitments to the level I am use to. Now, with the submission date for my thesis fast approaching, Feb 2023, I have decided to use up all my long service leave in an attempt to finish my thesis… Now the real work begins BUT I am really looking forward to having a constant approach to working through each of my studies and getting them ready to publish. If I’m honest, the things I have enjoyed are the new concepts I have learnt, collaborating with my supervisors and other colleagues and the general approach of developing and cultivating original thoughts, however what I have disliked has been the constant disruptions to my writing (due to work etc), which I think has set me back a little. Therefore, I hope between today and the day I have to go back to work, July 25, 218 days), I can complete my thesis, at least in draft form, knowing that I will still have approximately, 191 days, before I need to push SEND. Wish me luck.

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