Training the Part-Time Professional Athlete with Dylan Hicks

It was cool to share my experiences through this ‘Freelap Friday 5’ Q&A with Daivd Maris about coaching and teaching sprint athletes, how research can inform coaching practice and working with part-time athletes looking to make the jump to the next level. Below is one part of question 2 from the interview.

Freelap USA: One of the debates that takes place amongst the sprint community is the balance of general training versus specific training. Are you able to give your thoughts on this topic? Are there any benefits to general training, and if so, how does this kind of training transfer to sprint performance?

Dylan Hicks: One of the major changes I made to my programming this past season was based around the periodization and specificity of sessions. Largely, it came about from discussions with some other notable Aussie coaches, Peter Fitzgerald and John Nicolosi, about the adaptation time to ingrain velocity-specific changes.

Compared to the previous season, 2021–22, when the group did have some strong results, we only had 4–6 weeks of what would be termed GPP before moving on to specific work. Getting back to the coaching discussions, Peter and I would often speak about some athletes who spent most of their winter training well below specific race velocities and magically expected results to appear during sessions just because they had transitioned into specific preparation and competition phases.

You can read the remaining part of the article at >> here.

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